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Arab Immigrant Gone Bad, Sasha Skye Defaced

Posted:23 September, 2008 by iran sex porn arab

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I was walking around New York City one day looking for an Arabic food stall, wanted some kebabs.  Not only did I find some Arab food, I found a hot Arab girl with the look of the Devil in her eyes and a tudung on her head.  You know, that Arabic thing that Arab women wear on their heads. She had a look of pure sextasy in her eyes. I could tell she was an Arab fuck doll waiting to happen.  I imagined myself sticking kebabs inside of her and eating them out of her brown middle eastern pussy, well seasoned of course.

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Now, as you can see, my visions in my head have become lustful, naughty, sexy visuals for you.  Our sexy, horny Arab street vendor whore, as it turns out, was the Devil.  Her middle eastern Iranian or Iraqi pussy was wide open for some thick American cock.  As soon as she was in my dream’s room she took off her Persian-esque robe, tundung and spread that big brown curry eating pussy wide open.  Muslim girls gone wild, all over this blog from now on.  If you don’t check out the hottest Muslim girl porn site around, Arab Street Hookers, you’ll be missing out on some great arab pussy, fucking and pornos!